2024 Exterior House Trends You Should Know

The Rob Ellerman Team at ReeceNichols
The Rob Ellerman Team at ReeceNichols
Published on April 2, 2024

In 2024, expect to see a focus on sustainable building material and traditional design cues in exterior housing trends. You’ll notice a resurrection of classic architectural styles, eco-friendly materials, and smart home integrations. Unusual, bold colors are slated to transform homes’ exteriors, while outdoor living spaces enrich the overall aesthetic. Realtors should also look to innovate with the incorporation of natural elements and sophisticated exterior lighting. Further exploration could shed light on how to capitalize on these trends for exceptional property presentation and value enhancement. You’d be amazed at how pivotal these insights could be in your field.

Embracing Sustainable Building Materials

As you step into the future of real estate, you’ll notice a significant shift towards embracing sustainable building materials, a trend driven by a combination of environmental consciousness, regulatory incentives, and consumer demand for greener homes. You’ll see eco-friendly insulation and green roofing becoming the norm rather than the exception. Eco-friendly insulation, made from recycled or natural materials, is a game-changer. It’s not just about reducing energy costs; it’s about creating a healthier living environment. The insulation reduces indoor air pollution, and it’s a selling point you can use to attract environmentally-conscious buyers. Green roofing, on the other hand, isn’t just a trendy buzzword. It’s a practical solution to urban heat islands and stormwater runoff. Imagine a roof that absorbs rainwater, provides insulation, and creates habitat for wildlife. It’s visually appealing, highly functional, and environmentally beneficial. In a world where sustainability is no longer optional but necessary, these materials are more than just selling points. They’re indicative of a larger shift in how we view and interact with our homes. As a realtor, you’re not just selling a house; you’re selling a vision of a sustainable future. So, embrace these changes and lead the charge towards a greener real estate industry.

Real Estate Exterior Front House. Big custom made luxury house with nicely landscaped front yard and driveway to garage in the suburbs of Vancouver Canada


In the ever-evolving world of real estate, don’t be surprised to see a revival of traditional architectural styles, with homeowners and buyers alike finding comfort in the classic aesthetics of yesteryear. It’s not merely about nostalgia, but rather a deeper appreciation of architectural style influence and the value of historic restoration techniques. Home exteriors are now being redefined by:

  • Historic restoration techniques: Homeowners are investing in reviving old homes to their former glory, using techniques that respect and maintain the original architecture.
  • Architectural style influence: Whether it’s Victorian, Colonial, or Craftsman styles, these classic designs are making a strong comeback.
  • Vintage charm: The charm of a traditional home can’t be underestimated. It’s about the warmth, the familiarity, and the timeless elegance.
  • Quality materials: Classic styles often entail the use of high-quality materials like hardwood, brick, and stone.

Rise of Smart Home Exteriors

You’re about to step into the future, where smart home exteriors are reshaping the real estate landscape. Consider how advancements in smart exteriors aren’t only enhancing aesthetics but also boosting functionality of homes. Let’s explore the benefits of tech-driven homes, and envision what the future holds for automated exteriors.

Advancements in Smart Exteriors

Harnessing the power of technology, smart home exteriors are revolutionizing the real estate market with their advanced, energy-efficient, and security-enhanced features. The exterior aesthetics have evolved to include smart devices that blend seamlessly with the design and enhance the overall appeal of the house. Intelligent landscaping leverages technology to maintain gardens, ensuring they’re always at their best. The advancements in smart exteriors include:

  • Automated Outdoor Lighting: That adjusts based on the time of day, weather, or custom settings.
  • Smart Irrigation Systems: Managing water usage effectively, ensuring lush green lawns without wastage.
  • Intelligent Security Systems: Offering peace of mind with features like facial recognition and instant alerts.
  • Energy-Efficient Exteriors: With smart windows and solar panel roofs that save on energy bills,. These advancements are setting new standards in the real estate market, improving not only convenience but also the home’s value.

Benefits of Tech-Driven Homes

While these advancements in smart exteriors certainly raise the bar with regards to aesthetic appeal and convenience, they’re also driving a host of tangible benefits that are dramatically reshaping homeowners’ lifestyles. Tech-driven landscaping, for instance, is transforming outdoor living spaces into vibrant, interactive environments. From lighting that adjusts to the time of day to sprinkler systems that conserve water based on weather forecasts, your yard can become a tech wonderland that enhances your daily living. Energy efficiency improvements, another key benefit of smart exteriors, are notably reducing homeowners’ carbon footprint. Imagine windows that darken to keep out the midday heat, solar panel rooftops, or intelligent insulation systems. These innovations aren’t just convenient, they’re also money-saving and planet-friendly.

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Future of Automated Exteriors

Looking into the not-so-distant future, it’s clear that the automation of home exteriors isn’t just a fleeting trend, but a transformative shift in how we interact with and manage our living spaces. Innovative Exterior Robotics and Automated Maintenance are redefining traditional home care, making it more efficient and effortless. Consider these emerging trends:

  • Robotic lawn mowers and pool cleaners, reduce manual work
  • Automated sprinkler systems with weather prediction, for responsible water usage
  • Smart lighting systems for enhanced security
  • Self-cleaning windows, revolutionizing home maintenance These developments not only increase convenience but also enhance home value. For you as a realtor, understanding these trends equips you to better cater to your clients’ evolving needs, and to stay ahead in the fast-paced real estate market.

The Revival of Bold Colors

As you step into 2024, you’ll notice an exciting shift toward bolder, more vibrant exterior house colors. It’s more than just aesthetics; the hues homeowners choose can have a substantial impact on a property’s mood and even play into the psychology of potential buyers. Let’s explore the art of impactful color schemes, how bold colors influence mood, and the intriguing psychology behind these choices. Finally, there are many easy ways to add your favourite color at home with simple steps.

Choosing Impactful Color Schemes

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of bold colors, a trend that’s making a strong comeback in 2024, and discover how the right color scheme can transform your property’s exterior into a head-turning masterpiece.

  • Color psychology in real estate: Colors evoke emotions. Reds can excite, blues soothe, and yellows invigorate. Choose a color scheme that aligns with the feelings you want to elicit.
  • Impact of regional climates on color choices: Bright hues may fade in sunny climates, while darker colors could make a home seem hotter.
  • Neighborhood aesthetic: Consider the color schemes of nearby homes. You don’t want your property to stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Maintenance and durability: Some colors show dirt and wear more than others. Choose a color that will look good as time passes.

Bold Hues and Mood

Continuing on our color journey, let’s now explore the revival of bold hues, an exciting trend that’s breathing life back into home exteriors and setting the mood for 2024. This trend isn’t just about vibrancy; it’s also about color symbolism in architecture. Choosing bold colors like blues, reds, or yellows can convey different feelings and atmospheres, adding a new layer of depth to a property’s exterior. Consider the impact of weather on hues. In sun-soaked regions, bold colors can withstand the brightness without losing their impact. In cooler climates, they can act as a warm counterpoint to often grey skies. So, don’t shy away from boldness. Embrace these rich, vibrant hues and use them to convey meaning, mood, and a unique sense of style in your properties.

The Psychology Behind Colors

Diving into the psychology of colors can give you a fresh perspective on the revival of bold hues in 2024 exterior house trends. Color symbolism plays a huge role in people’s perceptions and influences. Here’s how:

  • Red symbolizes energy and passion. It’s eye-catching and can make a house stand out.
  • Blue is associated with peace and stability. It creates a calming and inviting exterior.
  • Yellow signifies happiness and optimism. It’s a great choice for creating a warm, welcoming vibe.
  • Green embodies nature and tranquility. It’s ideal for houses in scenic locales.

Prioritizing Outdoor Living Spaces

In 2024, you’ll see more homeowners transforming their backyards into luxurious, functional outdoor living spaces, reflecting a growing trend towards prioritizing comfort and style in exterior design. You’ll notice outdoor furniture trends shifting towards innovative, weather-resistant pieces that blend functionality with artistic design. Think modular sofas, fire pit coffee tables, and hanging egg chairs that create a cozy, resort-like feel. Alfresco dining is also taking center stage, with homeowners opting for fully-equipped outdoor kitchens, complete with built-in grills, pizza ovens, and bar fridges. Dining sets are becoming bolder, with vibrant colors and patterns stealing the limelight. The focus is on creating a smooth shift from indoor to outdoor living, making every meal a unique experience.

As you navigate through 2024’s exterior house trends, don’t forget to explore the evolving landscape design trends that are making waves in the real estate industry. A well-designed landscape can greatly enhance the curb appeal and value of a property.

  • Garden aesthetics have shifted towards a mixed-use approach, with edible and ornamental plants coexisting. This trend not only enhances beauty but also promotes sustainability.
  • Water features are increasingly popular, with homeowners opting for everything from small fountains to elaborate koi ponds. They bring a sense of tranquility and can serve as a focal point in the garden.
  • Low-maintenance gardens are on the rise, with drought-resistant plants and automated irrigation systems gaining popularity.
  • Vertical gardens are another trend to watch, especially in urban areas where space is a premium. They offer an innovative way to incorporate greenery and can dramatically transform a space. Also,  Also, try a way to instantly make your garden beautiful and can be vertical with these easy tricks.

2024 exterior house trends

Incorporating Natural Elements

Embracing natural elements in your home’s exterior design isn’t just a trend for 2024, it’s a lifestyle choice that’s both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. Using resources like stone, wood, and even greenery, you can create a home that blends seamlessly with its surroundings while also standing out with its unique appeal. Biophilic design benefits are increasingly recognized by homeowners and realtors alike. This design philosophy seeks to connect people more closely with the natural environment, promoting wellbeing and harmony. By incorporating natural elements into your home’s exterior, you’re not only enhancing its visual appeal but also fostering a sense of peace and tranquility. Stone exteriors popularity has skyrocketed, and it’s easy to see why. Stone offers a timeless elegance that’s hard to match. It’s also incredibly durable and requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for any home. Whether you opt for a rustic fieldstone facade or sleek granite accents, stone provides a natural beauty that can elevate your home’s curb appeal to new heights.

Lighting and Security Enhancements

You’ll find that 2024 House Trends brings a heightened focus on lighting and security enhancements for home exteriors, marrying both aesthetics and safety in innovative ways. A strategic blend of exterior illumination strategies and security system installations has become a top priority for homeowners. Innovative exterior illumination strategies are being deployed to not only highlight architectural features but also to guarantee visibility and safety during the night. Here are some key trends to keep an eye on:

  • The incorporation of LED lights for their energy efficiency and longevity.
  • Smart lighting that can be controlled remotely or programmed to respond to movement.
  • Accent lighting to emphasize landscape elements and create visual interest.
  • Solar-powered lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Security system installations have also seen a revolutionary change. Advances in technology have allowed for systems that integrate with smart devices, providing real-time updates and the ability to monitor the property remotely. These enhancements don’t just provide peace of mind; they also add value to the property, a fact that’s not lost on potential buyers. Staying ahead of these trends will ensure you’re providing your clients with the most informed, up-to-date advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Maintain the Exterior of a House with Traditional Architectural Styles?

You can maintain a home with traditional architecture by preserving historical features while balancing modern upgrades. Keeping original elements intact, yet updating aspects like insulation, can enhance your home’s overall value and aesthetic appeal.

Are There any additional costs associated with the use of sustainable building materials?

Yes, sustainable material financing can increase initial costs. However, you’ll reap green certification benefits like energy savings and improved home value over time, offsetting the initial investment. It’s a smart, future-proof choice.

You’re seeing smart locks gaining popularity due to their security advantages. Also, solar panel integration is trending as it boosts home value while providing energy efficiency. Both are innovative smart home exterior technologies.

How Can Bold Colors Impact the Resale Value of a House?

Vibrant colors can greatly influence your house’s resale value. Color psychology plays an important role; specific shades evoke emotions. However, keep in mind neighborhood aesthetics. You don’t want your house to stand out negatively.

Can the Prioritization of Outdoor Living Spaces Increase the Market Value of a House?

Yes, prioritizing outdoor living spaces can boost your home’s market value. Outdoor kitchen benefits include added functionality and appeal. Similarly, patio renovations offer significant ROI by enhancing aesthetics and providing additional entertainment space.


So, you’re set to ride the wave of 2024 house exterior trends. Embrace sustainable materials and revisit traditional styles. Spice things up with bold colors and smart home features. Make outdoor living spaces and landscape design a priority. Blend in natural elements and don’t forget lighting and security enhancements. Stay ahead of the curve, impress your clients, and boost your real estate game. Here’s to beautiful homes and successful sales in 2024!

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